Development done right!

Maybe one of the most diverse ruby-on-rails apps out there...

Who doesn't know AIRBNB by know? We don't think this fantastic app needs further introduction. And, you might not be surprised to know AIRBNB was built with Ruby on Rails. All advantages are correctly shown in this ever so fast-growing company.

MVP and Rapid protoyping.

Rapid prototyping means to build new features fast; this is in conjunction with the lean-startup principles of the MVP. An MVP is a minimal viable product, a term often used in startups to point out a feature in its minimal existence to make a proof of concept.


The perfect app and business case poured in maybe one of the best designs possible. The complete user experience is a joy, from browsing through the listings, process your booking, and even the payment is a joy. We could not be more excited about this ruby on rails app.


The listing engine is a marvelous piece of work, where all the listings can be subjected to review, as well as all the guests. The real value of the listing is perfectly shown, and content are backed by beautiful pictures


In the very essence, this platform is made to book reservations. The unique layout and functionality of the platform combined with a perfect design. It is absolutely a magnificent platform.


One of the more complex but also very popular technical challenges faced by AIRBNB are 'payments', and everybody who used the app knows that they did a magnificent job!